About Omnia

In the beginning.

Omnia Housing Services traces its roots back to 1992, when founder Tom Berkman left hotel and restaurant operations after 16 years to join the national sales office of one of the largest hotel management companies in the U.S. Assigned to the sports market, Tom soon began to develop new strategies that would grow the client list far beyond what the current business model could generate by leaving the college and pro sports market behind to concentrate on the housing for amateur sports.

A business dream becomes reality.

During the next several years, Tom further refined the housing process for the U.S. amateur sports market by developing lodging services for soccer and softball tournaments that had never been seen before. Driven by a passion for service and excellence, Tom left in 1998 and started Tournament Housing Services (THS), Omnia’s parent organization. From its humble origins – its first office was in the basement of Tom’s home – the company operated on a philosophy of doing one thing better than anyone else: hotel housing services for amateur sporting events. Today, it is the industry leader handling more than 100 sporting events each year, 15 of which are citywides comprised of 8,000 to 48,000 roomnights each.

Today’s Omnia. A product of visionary thinking.

During the first 14 years of operating his company, Tom was constantly surprised to see the high room rates that associations were paying for housing at their conventions and shows. He compared those room rates to the rates THS was able to negotiate for its sporting clients over similar time periods. Most often, the rates that THS had negotiated were from 25% to 50% less for rooms at the same hotel. In addition to the lower rates, the THS clients were getting a $15/roomnight rebate. The associations he surveyed were getting little or no rebate.

Recognizing that associations who hosted conventions and events could benefit from the same services, room rates and rebates that his company provided to amateur sporting tournaments, Tom created Omnia Housing Services.


Our parent organization has handled housing
for more than 2,000 events since opening its
doors in 1998.

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With Omnia, you never pay for any of our
services – ever!

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Omnia’s proprietary software provides a seamless
service experience that delivers customized reporting and guarantees full compliance.

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