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A single point of contact, backed by a team

A dedicated Omnia Account Manager is your direct connection to our services and the hotel community and works closely with you and your staff on every detail of your event. But, unlike other companies, our Account Managers are not generalists asked to do everything for your event. At Omnia, they’re backed by a team of 30 experienced specialists working in five departments, who perform the work outlined by your Account Manager to make sure everything is executed to perfection.

Capturing your roomnights, getting the
lowest rates

Omnia will cast the widest net in the number of hotels we book and will contractually get credit for your business at each hotel in order to capture the maximum roomnights for your event. Getting the lowest rates is a part of that, and Omnia is backed by $36 million/year in hotel contracting buying power. More importantly, we WANT to get you the lowest rates, so we will negotiate vigilantly on your behalf.

Rebates and comps

Because room rates are already high, associations are reluctant to ask for higher rebates. Omnia is experienced in dealing with both – negotiating affordable rates for the attendees while generating substantial incremental income for the organization. Getting you more comps is also an important part of your event budget and Omnia will negotiate better ratios for you.

Online reservations in real-time

Our industry-leading reservations system makes it fast and simple for your attendees to make room reservations and receive instant confirmations. When permitted, Omnia can connect its reservation system to your registration program for better efficiency and control at no charge. We can also provide last minute citywide hotel availability after the blocks are full through our Omnia Direct GDS platform. In addition, it can provide airline and car rental booking to attendees should you wish to make these options available.

Site selection, with no risk or liability

Omnia knows what it takes to maximize negotiating leverage with CVB’s and Venues to get the most cities bidding for your business. The earlier we get involved in the process, the better the city and hotel choices, and the lower the hotel rates. Omnia prefers to sign all hotel contracts, for two important reasons – to shield your organization from any liability or performance fees; and so the company signing the contract is the one who has to perform the responsibilities required by each contract – us.

All of the details are covered

We’ve been doing housing for 19 years and have refined all of the processes and tools your event will need. With our proprietary software, Omnia can carve out and pre-book sub-blocks and send custom links to Exhibitors or any other designated groups. It provides you with real-time access to all of your data in our system, with any report you want or need. We conduct a hotel-wide pre-con meeting with each participating hotel prior to your event and are onsite during the entire time. Following the event, Omnia audits the roomnights reported from each hotel to confirm pickup, bills out and collects your rebates, and pays them directly to you. And we take care of everything else in between.

Never a charge to you for our services

While many housing services are in the practice of charging additional fees for their various services, Omnia will never charge you for any of our services. Whether it’s visiting cities to help with your site selection, customizing reports to what you need, onsite staffing at your event or any other service we provide to you, we consider it “our cost of doing business,” not yours.

To learn more about how Omnia’s services and expert staff can bring success to your organization, speak with a representative today.


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